Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brody Keidan 2012

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Every year on our boys Birthday's we send their birth parents a photo book of the whole year. This is something we will do until they are 18 years old. We also keep a copy for our boys. I love doing it! It's a great way to remember the year. Check it out! Thanks Shutterfly. 
Brock's coming soon!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

December Recap

Brody had his 2 year Check-up.  Here are his stats:   Weight: 33.5 Lbs- 97%, Height: 36 in.- 88%, Head Cir: 19.5 in- 82%.  Big boy!  He grew 2 whole inches in 6 months.  Dr. Mumford was so impressed he could sing the ABC'S, and Twinkle, Twinkle little star.  This little boy is going places.  We love every minute with you our Mr. Brods.

Brock's Christmas Program

Brock was the lead part.  He was Santa, his part was  "who is the man with the long white beard?" 

To shy to do the actions.

Brock and Santa.  I hope he was a good boy this year?
Mellor Sub for Santa

Every year before Christmas we meet at Uncle Darrin's for dinner and to deliver our Sub for Santa gifts.  What a great gift it is for me to be apart of this.  I love it!  This is what Christmas is all about. Helping those less fortunate.  And it's always fun to be around these three. 

Is it time to Eat!  The awesome chef Uncle Darrin.

Can we get a little more Cheese please?

These two.  What can I say?  Try to get a long it's Christmas.

Brody and one of his favorite Aunts Angie.

Me and my precious boys. 

Naughty or nice?

Fun times!
Christmas Eve
Some of my cute nieces and nephews in their new PJ'S.  Sooo Cute!  Thank you G & G Hink!

Christmas Day
I think I was more excited then the boys.  I was the first one awake.  I turned music on and waited patiently on the couch.  Finally they both woke up.  Brock in a good mood, Brody not.  Our boys are at the funnest ages.  I just sat back and watched their excitement. This is what parenthood is all about.  I love it.  I am so grateful.

Lots of fun surprises in the stockings.  My favorite thing to shop for.

Brody trying to get in a good mood.

Brock Loving it!

Here we go! Wahoo!

 Merry Christmas!
The snow has been awesome this year!  We have enjoyed time together on sleds "MELLOR STYLE".

Faster Daddy Faster!
 Potty Training

Brody in his big boy undies! 

Brody gathering all his diapers to throw away.

Bye-Bye diapers!

We decided to potty train Brody.  Crazy!....I know!  He just turned 2.  We did the 3 day potty training method.  I forgot that it takes a lot of patience.  I don't think I prepared myself enough for it.  Yes...I did have a melt down and had to leave for a few hours. I wanted to quit, but Randy assured me that it would be ok and he will get it.  Us Mellor's do not quit!  So here we are a week later and Brody is finally getting it.  We will not give up.  Good job Brody! You're doing it!  Now if he could just poop in the potty.  If you have any ideas please let me know:)