Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's All The Little Things That Count

 I am so sorry I haven't updated lately.   We haven't been up to anything really exciting except for all the small & simple things (which I cherish) until a week ago.  I guess it just slipped my mind.  So here are a few events that have taken place recently.


Brock is in a sports camp.  Everyday the kids learn a different sport.  Brock is a very high energy kid.  This is a good outlet for him.   
Brock has been learning how to be a team player and not being a poor sport.  Brock always wants to win and when he doesn't, you better watch out. 
Brock's #1 fans!  Go Brock!

Learning how to catch a football. The first time the coach threw the ball to Brock he just stood there and let the ball hit him in the chest.  It was so funny.  I know he knows how to catch.  Silly boy. 
We are so excited the weather is getting warmer.  It's been a looonnnggg winter being cooped up in the house. Bring on spring!
Isn't this the cutest picture?

Brody has become very independent.  He wants to do everything and I mean everything all by himself.   It is so fun for me to watch him at the park. In the picture he wanted to climb this ladder all by himself and when he got to the top he looked at me clapping his hands saying "I did it! I did it!".   He was so proud and so was I.   He is also getting a sense of humor.  He loves teasing everyone. He is going to be our little comedian.  I am one proud mama.

With Brody being so independent he gets hurt a lot more.  Poor little guy. I love to be the one to comfort my boys in times of need.
It is getting harder to keep Brock entertained during the day.  He is so ready of Kindergarten. So when Brock wants a sleepover with cousin Bryson I do not hesitate to say YES!.

I have always had a special bond with my nephew Bryson.  It is so much fun to have him around.  Bryson, Thanks for coming over to hang with Brock. He always likes to play with you!
Brody is officially potty trained! Wahoo!  Day and night even. He still has occasional accidents, but nothing to worry about.  We are so proud of him and his progress.  Way to go Brody! 
I am one lucky mom to have Brock and Brody as my children. They are amazing boys that teach me so much on a daily basis. What a blessing it is to me to be home with them and do the simple things with them. I am treasuring all the little moments I have with them, because I know one day they will become grown men and want to leave our nest. Until that day I am here for them.  It's all the little things that count.

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