Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Birth Mother's Story

 I bawled through this whole video. Most people I run into don't understand adoption.  Adoption is truly a beautiful thing.  You need to be open minded about it.  No,  it's not for everyone, but for those who it is for, it's truly amazing and beautiful.  The things you get to witness and experience are indescribable. You see the Lord's hand, selflessness, love, gratitude, sacrifice, happiness, healing. Those things are all beautiful. Some of you may be thinking it's easy for you to say because I am the adopted parent who was able to take a baby home.  But it wasn't. Yes I was happier then ever to become a mother and to bring both of my sons home, but I did suffer loss.  Not the loss of a baby, but the loss of having one myself.  You see on both sides loss is felt. Very different kinds of losses.  It's not easy on either end. But if people come to realize that it's all for the child and what the Lord has in stored for his/this child then maybe they will see it as a beautiful thing.     


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