Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day At The Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point is awesome!  The boys loved it!  Brody kept running from thing to thing saying "look mommy, look!".  Brock couldn't wait to get his hands dirty and dig for bones.  This is right up Brock's ally. He has always loved finding things on the ground.  He loves to collect rocks, sticks, and anything that looks cool to him.  This is his thing.  We have tried sports with Brock and he is just not interested.  He would rather be in the dirt digging for things he can find.  Brody on the other hand is total sports.  He wants to play catch every 2 seconds. It is fun to have 2 totally different boys.  We invited a co-worker of mine to join us, and dang-it......forgot to get a picture of all of us.  Thanks Stacey for coming, we had a blast! 

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