Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Has Been One Busy Summer...

This summer has been so crazy!  Between, vacations, house work, yard work, young women's, working, and being a mom I haven't really had a time to breath.  So, sorry I have not posted anything until now.  One more month and school will be in, then it will feel great to be in control again. haha  Here are a few of the things we have been up to.


In June we headed to Moab for a Mellor family Reunion. You have heard it before, but WE LOVE THIS PLACE.   We never have a bad time there.  Fun times with great people. 
 My First 10k

I ran in my first 10k. I finished.  That's all I have to say.  It was a good experience. It gave me a taste of what the 1/2 marathon will be like. 
 Lehi Round-up Parade
It is a tradition of ours to go to the Lehi Parade.  This one was scary. Brody has had so many close calls on death that he will be the death of me.  The parade started and the kids were loving it.  Some of the people in the parade were throwing candy.  All the kids ran in the road to get it of course, when I saw a fire truck rolling by.  Brody was so focused on the candy he was so oblivious to the big truck creeping by.  He went right up to the huge tire on the truck, literally and inch away to get the piece of candy he had his eye on.  People were screaming, I ran to grab him just in time before his little fingers got crushed.  Close call.  He had no clue as to the nature of the situation.  After my heart slowed down I could enjoy the parade.  There were several good floats.   I think my boys are sick of all the pictures I take.  See picture.     

This day was awesome!  Both the boys loved every minute of it.  Brock was tall enough for some of the bigger rides like colossus, and wicked.  His favorite was wicked..I am not surprised.  He has no FEAR!  It was awesome being with family. Good times!
 4th of July

We started the day at our ward breakfast and bike parade.  Out boys loved riding their bikes in the parade.  We spent the evening at my Sister Erin's new home in Riverton with some good food and fun times.
 Girls Camp
I serve in young women's in my ward and had the honor to go to girls camp.  Here are a few of the cute and crazy girls of mine.  It was a awesome experience. We had a ton of fun! 
 Pioneer Day (Monday's)

Me, my boys, and a few of my family members are volunteer workers at This Is The Place Heritage Park all summer.  Monday's are the day we spend time up there.  It is fun!  The kids have chores they do and then they just play and do whatever for the day.  They love it!  They look forward to it and so do I.  I am assigned to the Andrus House and give the visitors a tour of the home.  Mine is actually a Hotel. I tell the history of it, help the kids with the crafts, and help on a quilt.  It has been a great experience for everyone.  I highly recommend volunteering. The clothes are not as bad as the look.  haha
 A Little Male Bonding
Daddy had a wild idea to have the boys sleep on the tramp.  So they did.  I went to sleep all by myself in our dark house:(  Not even an hour later here they all come inside.  They were getting eatin' alive with all the mosquito's.  I don't blame them.  They enjoyed it just laying on the tramp with Daddy.
 Swimming Lessons

Brock is in swimming lessons.  he does so good.  I love watching him.  Brody was so sad he is not old enough for lessons this year. He is my hang out partner on the grass.   Next year will be awesome buddy!
 We hope everyone has had a great summer so far.  We feel so blessed with all we can do for these 2 amazing boys.  We soak up every moment with them and all they are achieving and experiencing.  Life Rocks!