Thursday, February 27, 2014


Now that I have a new perspective on life & have made a few changes. I thought why not take it a step further and change my house a little.  I painted this wall yellow 6 years ago when we moved in.  I thought to change the color of the wall, but I still love the yellow.  I thought why not put a stencil on it.  It's the " in" thing right?  So I ventured over to Hobby Lobby and found a stencil that I liked for $16.00 not bad.  I still had left over paint from 6 years ago in our basement.  So I pulled out the yellow and the cream color we painted our walls.  I did a quick touch up to cover some of the holes in the wall and re- painted the yellow to freshen it up.
The nest day I attempted the stencil.  This was my first time ever doing it and half way through I thought I need to start over.  But I kept going.  When I was done stenciling I did all the touch up work. It turned out great for my first time.  There are a few spots that aren't level, so if you come over don't look to close.  haha

On a funny note:  The hole where the vent plate goes we told the boys that dragons live down there.  It is funny when they have to pass that wall,  they walk the furthest they can get from it, with there eyes glued to make sure the dragons don't come out.  Having kids makes things so much more fun.  

Here is the finish product!  I absolutely love it!  It changed the whole entry to our home.  Now to buy what I have envisioned for this wall for 6 years now. Something so simple can make a world of a difference. 
Change is good in any form.  It was long over due.  Some people are afraid of change or get stuck in a rut. This wall was a simple change, but I feel invigorated because of it.  
If you are afraid or stuck in a rut I challenge you to change something in your life.( for the good of course) It can be big or something simple, like my wall.  See how you feel.
Change is good:) 


Jen said...

This looks AWESOME! I love it. I'm so impressed that you set out to do it and got it done so quickly. Way to go!

tiffany said...

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