Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Social Media Reality Check

 Hello again!  
I have been away for awhile & I am glad to be back! 
I know I haven't posted in quite some time.  To be honest I got caught up with all the social media and it was doing me more harm then good.  So here I am starting fresh, with my "old" look on life when I was focused on my family and not other people's families. 
What a whirl wind the last few months have been.  It has been a struggle for me to find some answers to what I have been dealing with inside of me..  I have been a wreck.  I may not show it, but the inside says differently. I don't want to go into all the details, but at times I would want to run and hide and never come out.  I felt like there was this beast in me waiting for the right time to explode, and it finally did. 

 Through some events that took place during the Holiday's I have come to realize I need to work on relationships.  Relationships with my husband, kids, friends, family, neighbors, myself, and especially my little family. It's hard to look at yourself and know that something needs to change.  When you are not enjoying what you used to enjoy and are trying to find happiness and validation in all the wrong places.  There is definitely something wrong.        

On my down time I found myself plopping on my couch turning to social media via  FB or Instagram to see what my friends and family were up to.  Just letting my boys run wild while I socialized on the web.  I found myself pushing them away so I could post a comment,  finish reading an article,  post a pic, check my "likes", or take my turn on a game.  I was so into other people's world I forgot about my own, and my patience with my own family was running thin.  

I would get annoyed, frustrated, stressed, anxious, and irritable with my husband and boys.  Most nights I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, because I just wanted to be left alone in my unhealthy world.   I thought to myself why do I feel like this?  Why am I acting this way?  I have a great life, a great husband, a great house, two great boys, a great job, and I am a mom, what I have always wanted..

Here is my reality check....We were out to dinner one night and both myself and my husband were on our phones, not talking to one another or our boys. HELLO!!!!!
My other reality check night I was looking for Randy and I found him on Youtube smiling and laughing at this other family (who we don't know personally) but who are well known on Youtube.  I looked at Randy and then looked at our boys in the next room.  HELLO!!!!
I thought to my self  "What are we doing???"
 I decided to try something.  I took all social apps off my phone. It's just to accessible. was hard for the first few days. The apps have been off my phone for a week now and I can already tell a difference in my relationships with my litttle family.  My focus is back on them and that's where it should be.

Food for thought....Why are other families so intriguing  to us?  What is missing from our family to turn to other families?  Is it for pure entertainment?,  Or are we looking for validation?  Why am I searching for validation with people who aren't in my life?  When the validation is right in front of me.
Reality check!

I know social media can be a great tool in our lives, if used properly.  I don't want to say that I was addicted to it, but I think I was and lost myself in it.  I forgot to put my focus on what matters most in life.  My family.
I have had a wonderful week by getting back into a healthy routine with these cute boys and my husband.
This is just the start of fixing this beast inside of me, but it has truly been gratifying.
Life Rules!

So, if you don't see me on FB or Instagram this is why.   I still have FB & Instagram on my desk top that I will be checking periodically.  If you want to see what the Mellor Family is up to, check us out on this blog.  

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Jen said...

I can't believe my original comment didn't post :( Anyway, I wanted you to know that I never would have thought this about you. From my "outside" perspective I actually looked to you as an example of someone that seemed to not care what others thought and focused on herself and family. But I guess all of us struggle with many of the same things. There are MANY times when I need to step away from social media and re-focus my life and the things I set my priorities on. Good for you for doing this and then being brave enough to share. It definitely helps others to hear that they are not alone.