Friday, March 7, 2014

Itty Bitty Ball

Brody is old enough for itty bitty ball!   He has been so excited to start.  He has been patiently watching Brock do all sorts of fun things over the past year that he couldn't do, because he wasn't quite old enough. Your time has come Brody. Just look at that face!

Doing a little stretching and laying....Hey why not?

Brody is on team Superman!  This is his coach teaching them a cheer.  So cute!

 Today he learned the basics of Baseball.  He caught right on to it. It also looks like he was dazed about it too. 

"Go ahead and play, I will rest!".  It's got to be hard being a 3 year old. haha  It has been fun watching him F-I-N-A-L-L-Y be able to play and meet some friends.  He totally rocks it on the court.  Go Brody!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick Trip to Moab

This last weekend we took a quick trip to Moab.  We love this place!  The boys can't wait to get dirty in the red sand, throw rocks and just do whatever boys love to do.  And the best part is....I get to watch them.  For Christmas I gave Randy this remote control Jeep.  It was a big hit for the boys, and not just the little boys, but the big boys too!

 About 15 minutes past Moab there is a place called The Hole In The Rock.  I have always wanted to visit this place and this trip we did.  We took a tour of the hole or house in the rock.  Yes, there is a 14 room house that this couple used to live in.  It was incredible to hear the story of the man who built the home.  It is a must see.  They have lots of other cute things to look at on the property.  The boys loved seeing Mater!  There is a petting zoo too.  We fed the animals and the boys took a camel ride, which they thought was pretty cool.  The Jeep you see in the picture is made out of license plates and tools.  It was awesome.  If you ever drive past this place stop in you won't regret it.  Always a fun time in MOAB